Basic One Classes

What you should bring:

Safety glasses, with side protection, not just a pair of sun glasses.

Hat to keep the coal dust from landing on your head.

Long cotton clothing, no synthetics, it will stick to skin if  hot spark makes contact. Nothing loose that might hang over forge.

Closed toe shoes, white canvas is not recommended, hard toes are best

Ear plugs are recommended, but not required.

Particulate Respirators are used by some of our students.

Review the safety section

Introduction to blacksmithing is now required for all new students prior to starting our self paced Basic One class
Basic One Lessons can be worked on 
during the Open Forge Saturdays,  second and fourth Saturdays of the month
Click below to download the Basic One lesson
Bring a copy to class
Our National Organization has put together some good blacksmithing information
Starting March 9 2019 class cost will increase to $20